Mystery Rooms – Unleashing the Sherlock in you

I’ve always wondered how real life experiences would be when we get into tough and creepy situations after watching horror movies and checking our prison break stories.
Mystery rooms answered these questions for me and I had an opportunity to explore them in Indiranagar.

They have a few themes ranging that we can opt for, From the lockout which is a prison break challenge. Cabin in the woods, Abduction and the hurt locker. Each of them offering a different level of excitement and difficulty.

Also, Each of these present a thrilling experience that needs physical and mental energy to be used.

We tried the Lockout challenge which was of medium difficulty, We were 5 in a team and three of us were handcuffed and two were free. lockout

It was a complete team effort game where each and every detail in the prison matters and gives you some sort of hint to progress. Also we could be constantly watched by the game master and would be given minimal guidance.

Apart from that we could opt for hints/clues. Each game we would be provided 2 clues and two more if we do a Facebook check-in. We had 4 clues in our kitty.

We are locked in a prison with a few details to begin the game and the clock set to 60 min, The first few minutes would a bit of helter-skelter where it would take time of each of us to adapt and follow one common method of thinking, All this would be until we get hold of the game, Honestly we were able to complete 30% of the game at the 30 minute mark. Later opted for a clue and went ahead.

I wont be revealing the detail of the game in depth as it would spoil the fun on your visit, However every single detail around you has some or the other information to lead you further into the game. 

This is just one of the clue that would add to the fun, In the course of the game every matchstick,playcard, bowl and key would convey or hold some information.

We managed to finish of the game in the 59th minute,


All in all mystery room is worth the time we spend, The cost for this experience ranges from INR 700 to INR 1000 for a 60 minute adventure depending on the team size.

Also, mystery room offers a meeting and conference room where it would be an ideal place for corporate meetings and team building activities.

So go on ! Unleash the hidden Sherlock in you 🙂


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