The FARZI twist experience

Farzi !  The name doing rounds among today’s youth is the place with a chic and unique name for a cafe bringing back life to Indian cuisine with culinary innovations.  Situated in UB city, The location is a perfect one for this modern cafe.

Was here on a weekend noon with a bunch of foodie friends to try their new menu,It was my first visit to this place and my first impression was a positive one when I entered.

The decor is minimal yet packs a punch with its simplicity. They have half their premises in an open aired ambiance. However we opted for the interior seating.

We were handed over the menu and the amuse bouche for the day, It was the mishti doi topped with strawberry glaze, The little globules of doi was so perfect, each with a strawberry crown presented perfectly to convey a teaser of how the meal would be.

psx_20170409_144316.jpg As a part of the new menu,

We were first served the dal moth served in a matka, This one is basically a chaat made of bhalla, moong sprouts, green apple, pomegranate layered with green chutney, yoghurt and topped with micro greens.
Well ! It does take some effort to deep dive into the little pot and get a spoon full of it, In the end the taste of it would compensate for the efforts.


Next arrived the dhokla and farsaan salad, Well presented with lot of detail and garnished with chilli ,chutneys and the micro greens. The dhokla was soft and perfect. Thumbs up here.


Moving to the tapas section,

Tried the mushroom kurchan kulcha, Here the sauteed mushrooms in spices are stuffed into a kulcha and cooked in a tandoor, And was gracefully served in a dimsum box. The taste was on the bland side and I expected more from it owing to the presentation.


Mac and cheese pakora bites was another twisty item served, The mac and cheese that usually goes onto a burger is this time in form of a pakora served with hot garlic sauce was a hit with it’s presentation. To decide the taste of an off beat combination would be a tough task but it certainly went well with the garlic dip. However the pakoras alone would certainly need a wee bit of spice quotient to keep up to it’s name.

Green curry marinated Panner tikka was next and it was served with sambal mayo, This was a little spicy than the other dishes keeping up to satisfy the Indian tastebuds.

Tandoori chilli soya patti samosa, is the Farzi’s answer to the good old chai samosa combo. However the twist is that these samosa’s were served in a chai glass and the chutney that came along was sulemani chai flavored. Felt completely new and innovative and was one of my personal favorite.

For the main course we had bisi bele bath (BBB) with charred artichokes and cherry tomatoes. As a Bangalorean and a lover of BBB which I’ve been eating for more than twenty years, I was impressed when risotto rice was perfectly cooked to match the consistency of BBB and they stole a few brownie points when enough amount of ghee was floating on the top. However BBB is best when served with a few crispies, As a suggestion I would best recommend a side serving of crispies served along. But, Overall it was a brave experiment to touch upon the local cusine and get it right.

Another main course we tried was the edible charcoal flavoued appam served with water chestnut curry. It was the first time I was trying a dish infused with edible charcoal and the curry went perfect with it.

And when it comes to desserts,

First to arrive was the tandoori rasmalai, That was served with flavored yogurt and almond nougat, topped with strawberries and almond tikki. The slightly tandoor roasted rasmalai was a good try but my take was that the classic should have remained untouched.


Next was the flavors of India, A deconstructed dessert made of kalakand espuma, Blueberry pedha, Mango pedha, Chena payas, carrot cream, Besan laddoo crumble, Apple custard rabdi. A well researched and presented one I must say, Which introduces multiple textures and flavors in one shot all in a single serving. The name was aptly chosen here.


Last was the Farzi sundae where pista,blueberry and cardamom flavored kulfi was served with brownie and chocolate vermicelli topped with gems and wafer cigars. This one was well presented in a mason jar and was impressive as well.


To sum up Farzi is more of a dining experience with culinary twist in each dish served with creativity and innovation, Every dish conveys that a lot of thought and hard work involved behind crafting it.The service was top notch where each of their staff is well aware of the menu and very much professional in understanding our requirements. I was certainly impressed on an overall scale and very keen to explore their outlets across India.

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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