Celebrating Santa’s feast @ Flechazo

It was around four months ago when I first visited Flechazo with a bunch of foodie buddies and this place was around three days old, Interestingly I was initially impressed and by the end of the meal my overall experience turned out be a little below my expectation and I had passed on the feedback to the chef, Mr Mohit.

Fast forward >> 4 months

This time I was here on an invite by a fellow blogger to their Santa feast, I was still skeptical about how my experience would turn out this time !

However, When I just stepped in, the festive vibe was triggered with the Christmas theme all around  right from the entrance and immediately one would find a standee with the below words

Who said santa wears a red suit and has a white beard ?

Who said santa is one guy ?

Who said santa brings gifts only once a year?

We’ve been around here for a mere 4 months,
And in that time each one of you has been a kind,Loving Santa for us gifting us your love,trust,support and encouragement.

So here’s a big fat thank you to the santa in each one of you from the delighted child in us 


It was a truly impressive gesture that they believe every customer is a santa to them 🙂 They stole a few marks here…
Also, The entire restaurant had danglers with thank you notes

Now coming directly to the food, As soon as you enter there would be the food shots section where a tape having running varieties of delicacies would please you,
I tried the classic pani puri , Veg sushi and the X-mas bite.

After an initial round at the food shots section,Next destination would be the live pizza and pasta counter where you make your own pizza,
However, We decided to get it done by the chef this time,


Well ! The above pizza  is a display of love for cheese of a fellow foodie where the toppings are hidden because of the quantity of cheese used to make this pizza !

After a few rounds to the counters when we settled down , The starters arrived.
tried the asian cheesy potato,taarheel mushroom,cinnamon pineapple,crispy corn,Dhai kebab,hare pyaaz ke paneer tikka and the water chestnuts in spicy sauce.
My personal favorite was the water chestnuts and the dhai kabab which were rich in taste.

The drinks I tried were mostly mocktails,

Also, another noteworthy mocktail was the nitro batida which is a mixture of lychee, passion fruit and subja seeds. liquid nitrogen is poured in front of you to turn it into a thick shake. It was a visually impressive experience.


After an extensive menu of starters and mocktails, I directly went to the dessert section.

They had a vast menu for desserts, ranging from the santa’s feast specials which were the santa plum cake, green apple cinnamon pie and the yule log.

The other regular desserts on the menu were anguri gulab jamoon,fruit custard,gingerbread roll, kesar phirni,jilebi and carrot halwa.

Meat lovers get to savor the turkey from a live counter as a part of the fest which certainly makes it a christmas dinner.

My experience this time was a great one compared to the first as I had seen significant improvements in the food and the sevice, Chef Mohit met us personally seeking feedback and this time he had a big smile when we told him all the boxes were ticked.

Overall, Flechazo would be a ideal destination for this Christmas and new year with a interesting and extensive spread and they are priced affordably at 500 plus taxes for Veg and 600 plus taxes for non veg from 21st December to 1st January.


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